Monday, January 5, 2009

突然觉得, 人生真的很无常, 我们无法预料下一秒发生的是什么事情...无论是伤心, 开心, 惊喜, 都无法掌控在你我手里...有时真的很想知道, 人生怎么会有那么多的无常?? 那么的不可释怀??

突然知道一件不是值得开心的事, 真的很难过... 心里在杀那间沉重了好多... 没想到会发生在我朋友身上, 有点很难接受... 虽然与她不算是深交, 但至少也曾经相处过一段时间, 感情多少都会有...

不管你在何处, 都要过得好好的...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Having sem break for bout 1 month, and i have gone to Nilai to help my parents for bout 1 week... At this few days, i realized that there are really many Negro in Nilai Inti College and they always come to my dad's shop for beer.

Yesterday, i stayed at the cashier to collect money, a Negro walked approach me and we started our conversation.

A : are you student?
Me : yes
A : Inti student?
Me : No
A : Where you study?
Me : Help
A : oo... what is your name ?
Me : Christine...
A : name is Frac, i am from America. You are so from China or Malaysia?
Me : I am Malaysian.
A : ooo...Wat course you study?
Me : Business...

At this time, my mum walking towards me... Then the Negro said : " Bye mummy, christine is my friend now."

The next day, he came again.
A : This is my Malaysian wife...nice?? (he talked to his friend). When are you going back to KL ?
Me : soon
A : wao... is not fair to me.. When you coming back?
Me : not sure
A : Hope to see u next week... do u hv any American or others country friend?
Me : No..
A : so i am the first one and i hope to be the only one...
Me : speechless...
A : can u give me your phone number, so i can contact you...
Me : ....

Finally he key in his number in to my phone...

Seriously it was so scary... but luckily i am at KL now and not plan to go back in this holiday anymore... they are so tall and have super black skin... SCARY!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nice pl@ce

Since i lived in Ampang for so many years, but i not even know such a nice place "Look Out Point", i can see all the beautiful scene over there, so beautiful...

I went there today with my friend and my sister, and i have taken so many pictures. I felt so happy, seriously... I enjoy the atmosphere there, and it is really a place to relax, reduce your stresses...

* I am the only one who busy taking pictures, and only Jocelyn is willing to help me to capture.. thx ya... my sis just keep eating... haha

Friday, July 18, 2008

Beautiful niteZ

Went to Bukit Bintang last night with my buddies, this is my first time at there till so late. Undeniable, it was really a nice scene, with all the lights grow in the dark... The atmosphere there is quite good, however i don't like those people there smoking something like cigarette... i don't know what is that, but is quite a big portion... It was happy to chatting around with friends, we enjoy in our conversation, with a cup of coffee and surrounded by the nice AWESOME!!!

As we are still being control under our parents, so we went back bout 10.30pm (only the ppl came)... quite pity right??? We are almost 20!!! how come our parents still treat us like a child??? We took some nice pictures and on the way we back we saw the previous Superstar, Henry, Orange...and some i cant even recognize... i had taken a picture with one of them...

A happy, wonderful night......

Saturday, May 17, 2008

T0 you ~ my friend + ...

I know you are having a lot of pressure in this few days, but please do not put yourself so stress. You said i am no longer the person who always stay beside you and support you. I promise you here that i am still the one who stay beside you when you need my help. Just hope you to be happy all the time and try to find out the way to solve your problem. =>

My sem break still left one more week. The time fly so fast... and i did nothing in this days except having fun. I waste my one month holiday... How will be my next sem?
i am looking forward on it... hope everything will be fine

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

M!ss my mum

Today, my mum back to Nilai ~ my parents working place. Suddenly, i miss her so much. My mum came back to home for few days because my sisters and brother having their mid term test for bout one week, so mum was here to take care their routine activities. Really a good mum! As i am holiday-ing now, therefore i spend most of my time with mum. We eat together, watch tv programme together, chit-chat together as well. Even i am 19 this year, my mum still treat me as a child. She always wake me up when the sun is going to burn me, force me to sleep at 11pm, worried bout my breakfast, lunch and dinner all the time. Sometimes, she just like a kid, she likes to play with us, steals my things and laughs with no reason. so funny right?

And now, she back to nilai... really miss her. Nobody 'argue' with me anymore. :(

Sunday, May 11, 2008

H@pPy Moth3r's Day

Actually nothing special happened in today, just we had our dinner together at night. And, I have written a card to my dearest mom to appreciate her for taking care of us. Although just a simple card, but i can see the smile on her face. Feel so sweet...

Mum, I love you! Hope u enjoy every moment in your life. Happy mother's day!

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